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Shorter hospital and rehabilitation stays may not allow enough time to learn important wheelchair skills, or changes through aging require a brush up course to learn new skills to remain independent.

Wheelchair skills are vital as they help prevent secondary conditions or isolation due to an inability to navigate our environment. It also teaches individuals to become more efficient in the usage of their wheelchair.

We host our Functional Wheelchair Skills Classes once a month. Please check our website and social media for new dates. For more information, contact us.

The Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association is partnering with Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center to offer Functional Wheelchair Skills, a program designed to enhance the mobility, independence, and confidence of individuals who use wheelchairs. Our Functional Wheelchair Skills Classes are tailored to meet the unique needs of participants, whether they are new to using a wheelchair or seeking to refine their existing skills.

Our classes will be facilitated by Eric Kenning and Kaitlyn Verfuerth who are experienced wheelchair users. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a supportive approach to help participants build a solid foundation of essential wheelchair skills. We understand that each participant has unique abilities and challenges. Our classes are structured to accommodate various skill levels, ensuring that everyone receives personalized attention and progresses at their own pace with the support from volunteers and physical therapists.

Each class will focus on a wide range of functional wheelchair skills,
including but not limited to:

-Core Basics of Your Wheelchair
-Navigating ramps, curbs, and inclines
-Transferring in and out of the wheelchair
-Wheelies, Tricks, and Tips

Beyond just physical skills, our program focuses on building confidence and a positive mindset. Participants will be encouraged to embrace their abilities, overcome challenges, and develop a sense of empowerment in their daily lives.

These FREE classes will take place at Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center


Join AZSCIA’s Functional Wheelchair Skills Classes and embark on a transformative journey towards greater independence, mobility, and empowerment. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills for daily activities or newly injured and wanting to gain new skills, our program is designed to meet your needs. All classes are FREE! Registration is still required. Register below.

Questions? Please call (602) 507-4209 for more information.