Shorter hospital and rehabilitation stays may not allow enough time to learn important wheelchair skills, or changes through aging require a brush up course to learn new skills to remain independent.

Wheelchair skills are vital as they help prevent secondary conditions or isolation due to an inability to navigate our environment. It also teaches individuals to become more efficient in the usage of their wheelchair.

We host the Skills Classes two times a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. It is a four week class that meets once a week. For more information, contact us.

Topics Covered Each Week:
Week #1: Transferring
Week#2: Managing Your Environment
Week#3: Traveling with Your Chair
Week#4: Mechanics of Your Chair/Adaptive Sports

Advanced Wheelchair Skills – Fall Series 2021

These classes will all be taking place virtually every Thursday throughout the month of October. All the classes are FREE to attend. Registration is required. Please click here to sign up today. 

Fall 2021 Schedule:

Thursday, October 7th: Transferring

Thursday, October 14th: Managing Your Environment

Thursday, October 21st: Traveling with Your Chair

Thursday, October 28th: Mechanics of Your Chair/Adaptive Sports


Registration is required. Click here to sign up today!

We hope to see you there!