Company Name: Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center
Hours: 6:00 am – 8:30 pm
Address:  5031 E Washington St
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85034
Phone: (602) 386-4566
FAX: (602) 386-4567
Description:  Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center is a 45000-square foot, $13 million dollar facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.
The SpoFit offers a wide variety of amenities to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. They have a fitness center with wheelchair accessible weight machines, an aquatic area equipped with lifts and elevators, accessible locker rooms, and more

Company Name: Arizona Disabled Sports
Address: 59 East Broadway Road
City: Mesa
State: AZ
Zip: 85210
Phone: 480-835-6273
Description:  Arizona Disabled Sports (AzDS), is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sports and recreation opportunities for individuals with all types of disabilities. This can include but is not limited to developmental disabilities, orthopedic impairment, sensory deficit and/or neurological involvement.=false” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

Company Name: Miracle League of Arizona
Address: 11130 East Cholla Street
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
Zip: 85259
Phone: (480) 686-8137
Fax:  (480) 668-3827
Description:  We welcome individuals starting at the age of 4 with all forms of ability levels and baseball experience to come out and play.​

Company Name: Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship
Address: PO Box 30921
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85046-0921
Phone: 800-622-4088
Description:  The mission of Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. is to engage a partnership between horses and humans to
benefit, empower and facilitate positive change in the lives of individuals and their families. Envision accomplishes
this by providing mounted activities, equine facilitated learning, equine-assisted life skills coaching, as well as
sibling and parent/caregiver support programs, educational classes on topics beneficial to clients, and a referral
network of traditional and holistic professionals that work together to achieve positive change for the individual.
Clients include persons with spinal cord injury, TBI, multiple sclerosis, stroke, muscular dystrophy, and many other
Multiple locations:  Sessions are conducted at a ranch in the vicinity of 40th Street and Shea Blvd. near the Phoenix Mountain Preserve​
Company Name: Arizona Wheelchair Tennis
Address: 1820 N Bullmoose Dr
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85224
Phone: (860) 978-2797
Description:  We practice at numerous locations in the East Valley