Company Name: Northwest Clinic for Children
Address: 15420 N 32nd Dr
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85053
Phone: (602) 866-1974
Description:  With years of experience, the physicians of Northwest Clinic for Children, demonstrate professionalism and expertise at every level. Offering a comprehensive range of surgical services, our goal is to offer patient centered, compassionate medical care based on mutual trust and communication.

Company Name: Hacienda Health Care
Address: 1402 E South Mountain Ave
City:  Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip:  85042
Phone: (602) 243-4231
Multiple Locations: 
Hacienda Children’s Hospital 610 W. Jerome Ave. Mesa AZ 85210 Los Ninos Hospital 2303 East Thomas Road Phoenix Arizona 85016 Los Ninos Home Medical Services  2601 East Thomas Road Phoenix Arizona 85016 Synagis Clinics Multiple throughout the Valley Tucson Prescott and Flagstaff Innovate Home Health  Home Health Nursing provider Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility  Main Campus  Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facility

Company Name: Estrella Pediatrics
Address: 9305 West Thomas Road
Address2: Suite 12
City:  Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85037
Phone: (623) 388-3216
Estrella Pediatrics follows guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This includes evaluating your baby for developmental milestones, discussing anticipatory guidance and recommending vaccinations.
The immunizations your child receives are those recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and local authorities. Vaccination is an important way to keep your child (and the people he comes in contact with) protected from potentially devastating diseases. We encourage you to visit one of these websites for the most current, accurate information about vaccines: American Academy of Pediatrics; Centers for Disease Control; and American Medical Association. If there are any questions about the recommended immunizations we will be happy to set aside some time to discuss them with you.
We value the trust you place in us in the care of what you cherish most… your children. We will work together with you in assessing their growth, development, and general health. As problems arise, our doctors will make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. Our doctors and staff are here to help your family face and manage any health issue.​